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Comprehensive Psychological Services, LLP, is a private practice made up of two experienced psychologists with an office located in Moline, Illinois, which is easily accessible for both Iowa and Illinois residents. Several independent practitioners also work from these offices, providing multidisciplinary services. See the link for providers on your left to learn more about all of the professionals available for services.

If coming from Iowa, south on I-74 Bridge - exit on to River Drive, Exit 1 and travel west to 6th Street. Take a left and it will turn into 7th Street. Travel on 7th Street and our office is located on your left directly across from Stephens Park.

If coming from Iowa via the Centennial Bridge cross into Illinois. Travel until you reach 7th Avenue. Turn left onto 7th Avenue. Remain on 7th Avenue - going past Augustana College and traveling into Moline on 5th Avenue. Turn right onto 6th Street which turns into 7th Street. Our office is located on the left directly across from Stephens Park.

Travel West on John Deere/IL-5 W. Turn right onto 7th Street. 1302 7th Street is on the right - just past 15th Avenue.

Travel onto Rock Island-Milan Pkwy. Rock Island-Milan Pkwy becomes IL-5 E. John Deer Road. Turn left onto 7th St. 1302 7th St. is on the right.

If a patient is using voice mail, cell phone or email to communicate with the office staff or therapist, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the timeliness of receipt of the patient's communication. Please do not leave emergency or crisis messages on voice mail or email. Ensure that the therapist will receive your message by calling the office during regular business hours. If you call the emergency cell phone number after office hours, a therapist will try to return your call as soon as possible, but in the even that you do not receive a call back quickly, you are directed to the nearest emergency room.

Also be aware that all email communications are printed and retained in a patient's chart and in the record of the internet service provider. Cell phone and email contacts are not as secure or as confidential as communications made during appointments or calls through land telephone lines. To ensure confidential communication, wait to talk directly to the therapist.